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Camille Wynn, LMT,  is a graduate of Port Townsend School of Massage who began to explore the art of hands-on healing in the 1980s. She has received state certification to perform intraoral massage. She has decades of experience with Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. She has been a doula and birth assistant and has years of familiarity with Western Medicine,  all of which informs her body and energy work.

Who We Are and What We Do

Camille's Corner:

I'm having a lot of fun using hot stones to treat various areas of the body.  It's a gentle way to release muscles and fascia. No, this isn't the "put the stones in a pretty line down your back" type of thing,  but using the rock as a warm tool to massage with.  I include spot treatment with hot stones with almost all 1-1/2 hr massages because of this.  Yes, it's extra work cleaning them each time, but it's usually worth the trouble!  

My other favorite treatment modality is intraoral massage. If your neck and jaw areas are causing you problems, this may bring some relief!  

What is intraoral massage?  As implied by the name, it's massage inside your mouth. Your therapist puts on gloves and using one finger, works into the jaw joints and also other musculature within the mouth. I think it's an amazing modality for neck issues because when I go back to those tense neck muscles after doing this, they are much less tense!  

Does it hurt?  It can be uncomfortable, but usually the first time or two is most uncomfortable and often the worst of the discomfort is just before the muscles release. I will not go beyond what you can tolerate and we will go as slowly as you need.  Also, this treatment is only 5-10 minutes of a massage session.  It helps people with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) and may be helpful for trigeminal neuralgia. 

Relax into flowing Swedish strokes, receive specific injury treatment or shift your energy with Reiki and other modalities!  However you want to experience the elements, whether in the form of Earth, Water and Fire with hot stones or ice massage, Air through aromatherapy, or Spirit/Aether with energy work, Sacred Elements has something for you!